Silky Diva Facial Magic

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LED Light Skin Therapy with Silky Diva’s 3 in 1 Facial Magic Mask

Rejuvenate your skin, smooth out wrinkles; clear your pores and reduce acne breakouts!

LED Light Therapy

3 in 1 LED Light Therapy

LED Light treatment uses various wavelengths of light to naturally heal, repair, cleanse and rejuvenate your skin. The red light treats scarring, signs of aging and boosts collagen production. the blue light treats oil producing glands and fights acne causing bacteria. The orange light adds vitality and a natural glow to your skin.

Red LED Light Therapy

The red light improves blood circulation and generates collagen production resulting in reduced fine lines, and smaller pores. It also whitens your skin and repairs blemishes in the skin, simultaneously hydrating the skin and reducing sensitivity. It also firms your skin and rejuvenates sensitive skin. It is suitable for use on tender, dark, uneven color, wrinkles, rough pores, dry, dull, as well as loose facial skin.


Blue LED Light Therapy

Blue light therapy is effective in treating acne by purifying the skin, regulating oil production and reducing inflammation. Its anti-bacterial properties reduce Propionibacterium acne, by destroying and reducing the spot causing bacteria from your pores. It also stimulates the production of oxygen radicals that kill pore acne bacteria without damaging your skin.


Orange LED Light Therapy

The orange light revitalizes your skin by improving the function of oxygen exchange in the cells, accelerating blood circulation, rejuvenating your skin and smoothing out wrinkles. Besides that, it restores the skin’s sensitive balance and increases skin elasticity, facilitating the production of new skin cells by boosting the lymphatic flow.




3 in 1 LED Mask











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